Waiting to climb – Bockmattli in the background

Being of a generation that grew up on trad climbing, I felt a pang of guilt when Bert suggested we visit Brüggler for a day of multi-pitch sport climbing. The very thought of not placing your own protection feels a bit like… cheating! But the guilt feeling faded fast and I started looking forward to our first rock climbing outing for the season…

Given that last weekend we had quite a bit of snow at the same altitude as the climbing area, I half expected it to be on the colder side. The snow however had completely gone from the south facing rockface. Somewhat fortunate for us, clouds hung over the area, making for a very pleasant outing on a superb piece of rock offering a variety of climbing routes, ranging up to 150m in length, and with grades from 3+ upwards to the 7s.

Barbara about to move
onto the overhang

The best part of the day though, was Barbara cutting her climbing teeth on Sylvester – a 6-pitch climb which starts easily enough with three pitches in the 3rd grade, followed by three slightly more challenging pitches in the 4th grade.

Barbara was quite naturally nervous about this new adventure. There was no need for this though. She sailed up all but the most challenging problems like a hardy pro! And on the more difficult parts she took her time to work out how to get up, and then did it!

We walked down late in the day, when the sun was getting low – very happy with our day’s efforts…

Dinner on the shores of lake Zurich made for the perfect end to another great mountain day!

Waiting to start the climb
Bert and Barbara at the base of the climb
Bert about to mount the overhang
paying attention
Bert on the penultimate pitch
Selfie-time… halfway up the rockface
yellow flowers

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