Help with setting up your site

a few simple steps

There are a number of steps that you need to complete to build your site. All are simple and instructions are given to you as you proceed. Here's what to expect at each step.

Step 1. organisation name; Step 2. layout; Step 3. colours; Step 4. finished

See also, help on:

your contact details logos and images editing

organisation name and description

First you give your site a name (Organisation Name). This name will be used at the top of each of your web pages (unless you choose otherwise in the next step) so you might want to use your business name or a name that otherwise suits your site.

Here are some examples of the sort of Organisation Name you might use:

  • T. K. Smith and Son, Plumbers
  • Michael's Gymnasium
  • The Jones Family
  • Little Marston Chess Club

You are next asked for a "short name" for your site. This is the name by which your site will be uniquely known in the World Wide Web. As an example, T. K. Smith and Son, Plumbers, may choose a short name of "smithsplumbers". The address of their web site would then be The short name must be a single word (no spaces) using lower case characters and numbers.

You are now are asked for a "description" of your site. The information you provide is displayed in search results on search engines and must be as descriptive as possible of the services or products that your organisation, business, or personal web site supplies (if relevant).

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select a layout style

Here you choose the layout of your site from a number of options that are displayed for you. Just select the layout that seems most appropriate for your site. If you click on a layout option it will be displayed in a larger pop up screen so you can see the detail more clearly.

You can change the colours, type face and layout style later in the build process - or at any time after your site is complete and published in the World Wide Web.

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select colours and typeface

Here you are asked to select the colours and type face you want to use in your chosen layout. Don't worry about the dummy text in the page that you see. This is there to simply to show where your text will appear when you add your content (words) to each page.

As you make your selections of colours and typeface you can see the effect on your site at the bottom of the screen - so you can experiment to get the look and feel that you want. Remember that whatever you choose at this stage you can change later in the process or after your site has been published. You always have the ability to edit the style and content of your site.

When you have made your selections press "continue".

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build finished for "your web site"

Your basic web site, consisting of your "Home" page and "Contact us" page is now in place although the content is still to be added. You now have two choices. You can either subscribe to the basic service or follow a link to the editing tool kit.

Your first choice is to subscribe to the Basic service at a charge of 10 per month. When you have subscribed you can use all the functionality of the editing toolkit. Editing allows you to put all your information into your home page, change the details of your "Contact us" page and change your layout style, colour scheme and typeface.

With the edit function you can also upgrade to our Plus or ExtraPlus package.

Plus Package - 15 per month

You can add a further two pages and name them as you wish. Most customers opt for a page showing directions, or service prices.

ExtraPlus Package - 20 per month

Allows you to grow your web site to a massive eight pages. Add photographs of your products, staff, or publish white papers related to your business or organisation.

To subscribe now follow the "subscribe now" link. This will take you to the "add contact details" page (see below".

Alternatively, if you are not yet ready to subscribe, you can follow the "test edit" link. This will take you into the editing toolkit. Here you will be able to write your own content into your "Home" page and add your details into the "Contact us" page. You will also see that there are many more editing functions, such as changing layout style and colours, adding extra pages, adding your logo, and adding images to pages. These additional functions will be available to you when you have subscribed to the basic service. When you have finished editing you can follow the "sign up now" link at the top of the page or "log out". However, if you log out all the work you have completed will be lost!! The "sign up now" link brings you to the "add contact details" page (see below)

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add contact details

This step asks you for your contact details and to choose a password. The details you provide will be used in the "Contact us" page of your site.

Also the email address you provide will be used when we send you an email confirming the completion of the building of your web site and after publication in the WWW. The email will also contain a unique ID which you will need to edit your site in the future.

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check details

Here you are asked to check the details you have just completed. You can return to the previous page if you need to make changes. If you do return to make changes for security reasons you will need to re-enter you password.

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build finished

Your site is now finished, though it does not yet contain any of your content (text). You will see details of your:

  • user name
  • unique ID
  • password
  • web site name
  • URL (WWW address) of your web site

These are important details which you will need later to re-enter your site for editing. They will all be sent to you in an email but you might like to write them down or print this page for your records. When you are satisfied that the details are correct and you click on "continue" you will enter the payment process.

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enter payment details and publish

This page advises you that you are going to be asked to give credit/debit card details to PayPal, our payment partner, Clicking the "Pay Now" button signifies that you have read and agreed our Terms and Conditions. (There is a link on the page to Terms and Conditions.)

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Payment Details

You are asked by PayPal to enter your contact and credit card details and choose a password. When you have submitted your details to PayPal and they have verified your card details you will see a confirmation page that tells you everything is done and that your web site has been published in the World Wide Web. This page also contains all the details you will need to come back and make further changes if and when you need. It is advisable to print this page. All the information on the page, and a VAT receipt, will also be sent to you in an email message.

That's it!!

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Here your web site is displayed for you and you can "navigate" between the pages you have chosen.

You next have to add the content into your home page. We have already created the Contact Us and Disclaimer pages for you.

You may add additional pages from the drop down menu. These pages will be charged in accordance with the applicable rates in force. (At the moment, the charge for an extra page is not applied until your next monthly payment is due!!) Each page in your site may have one image, but you can choose to have additional images, up to a maximum of three per page, at an additional charge.


  • An easy to read page normally has about 150-250 words. Though there is no actual limit on page size, we recommend that you do not exceed 500-600 words
  • Research has shown that people do not read content on the internet, instead they scan for headings and briefly read the first lines of paragraphs - so we recommend that you use headings to distinguish important paragraphs (the editing kit provides this capability)

The editor allows you to add or change content in each of your pages. Once your site has been published to the web you can add extra pages and name them as you wish. You can also add an image (picture) to each page if you want to and change the layout style and colour schemes that you have chosen.

The editing process is iterative. You select the edit function you require from a "drop down" list and click the "edit" button.

When you have made a particular change you click the "save" button at the bottom of the page. The editor returns you to the previous page and displays your site with the changes you just made. Now you can select the next change you want to make or, when you're done, you press the "publish" button to go to the payment page.

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Logo (optional)

 example logoIf your organisation has a logo, you'll want to change it's size (using a standard graphic package) to 172 pixels (px) wide. (The image on right is exactly 172px wide by 100px high.) Height is not important, but we recommend that this be no more than 100px.


    1. i. if your logo does not incorporate your organisation name, this can be displayed next to the logo. (See examples below.)
    2. ii. if you do not have a logo, your organisation name will be displayed at the top of the page instead of the logo.
    3. iii. if you would like a logo to be produced for your organisation please "contact us".

      options for displaying with/without logo / organisation name
      logo only logo and organisation name no logo
       example logo only  example logo and organisation name  example no logo

If you don't have a graphics application you can leave your logo out at this stage and add it later.

If you have no logo your Organisation Name will be shown at the top of each page.

If you do have a logo you can choose whether or not to show your Organisation Name alongside your logo. This will be useful if your logo does not contain your Organisation Name.

Note: If you don't have a logo but would like one you can contact us from the page you are on and we can design one for you. There will be a charge for this service which will depend on the complexity of the design. If you email your logo to us we will adjust it and email it back to you. There is a charge for this service which is dependent on the complexity of the logo. Please contact us for more information.

Images (optional) for your web pages - these should be 180px wide, in order to maintain the look-and-feel of your web site.

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Here's a check list of what you need to have ready (or provide when you have built your site and go back to edit or update your content).

  • Business or Organisation Name
  • Location of logo (if you have one) on your PC
  • Contact details
  • Valid email address
  • Content - i.e. the words you want for each page. You can type your content into the editor or you can "cut and paste" from another word processing application. Remember that you can add or change your content after your site has been built.
  • Location of any images (pictures) you want to add to a page (one image per page).
  • Credit/Debit Card details

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