Balancing rock sculpture

On our return from Fridolins hut, Barbara and I stopped to brew a cup of coffee and eat our sandwiches. While we were brewing up this gorgeous little creature came and perched on top of the balancing rock ‘sculpture’ next to us.

Perched on the balancing rocks

I shared the pic with Peter Swanepoel (author of two brilliant blogs, viz.: “Bewilderbeast Droppings” and “Vrystaat Confessions“) who is a keen birder and lepidopterist amongst other things…

He looked. I looked. I bought a local ‘schmetterling’ (butterfly) book. To no avail! Neither of us were able to find the name of this little creature, which soon became known as the elusive butterfly.

That was until yesterday when Pete finally found the little creature!

Known as the ‘Camberwell Beauty”, “White Petticoat”, “Mourning Cloak”, and other names, the beautiful ‘Nymphalis antiopa‘ is found throughout Europe, the Americas and Asia. In Switzerland they are a protected species. Nymphalis antiopa feeds mainly off sap and fruits (very seldom on nectar of flowers). And just like that this little beauty is no longer the elusive butterfly!

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