It’s the day after my first trip to Trübsee and Barbara and I have decided to go back to Engelberg. Today however we’re going on a route that will loop clockwise past the lake before picking up the path I followed down the day before. The trail starts at Engelberg station and once again, thanks to the outdoor app on my phone we manage to find the right path… or at least the right direction…

Walking amongst giants

Shortly after we cross the river we start the uphill trudge. Almost straightaway we’re in a forest with trees reaching to the sky. It feels like we’re walking among giants, i say to Barbara. Uphill we go on a fairly gentle path through the trees, then across open farmland. Ahead we can see our path taking a zig zag line up to the prominent saddle between the two peaks that dominate our immediate skyline.

Our path is blocked with red and white tape. Fortunately there are some local people (farmers?) around, and to Barbara’s question why it’s blocked they respond that there was snow on the trail but that we can continue at our own risk. We do.

Caterpillar Hunter beetle
– see photo credit below

We’re both fascinated by the large numbers of beetles scurrying along the path. Beautiful emerald coloured little creatures running about doing whatever it is that little beetles do this time of the year. A few bigger ones as well, some with dark black shields, and one particularly beautiful one with a shield that appeared to have metallic stripes alternating between emerald green and rust gold… (apparently they’re called Caterpillar Hunter beetles – picture credit:

Avalanche defences

We continue to zig and zag and zig and zag, our target in sight, but feeling like it’s not getting any closer… through some unstable looking snow near the top, past some old avalanche defences, and then finally we arrive at the top where our gps device gets irritated with us for walking off-route. Despite the ongoing disagreement between gps woman and ourselves, we continue, and soon we’re at the lake! I can’t resist going to its edge to take a shot across the lightly shimmering water. Then we start looking for a place to make our lunch.

Halfway around the lake we find a comfortable spot looking over the lake towards Mt Titlis. Barbara fires up the stove, while I start preparing our avocado and banana sandwiches. The ducks we saw on the other side of the lake are now directly below us… first just one and then eventually all three, cruising along effortlessly looking for food. Above us, a kite is showing off its aerial skills. Peace.

View towards Mt Titlis

The freshly made sandwiches and fresh brewed coffee tastes good. We could easily sit here for a while, but it’s getting late and we have at least two hours of walking to get off the mountain and back to the station. We set off in the same direction I followed the day before.

On the contour path we almost collide with a marmot digging a new hole. It gave us one look, then waddles off along the path, with the thick bushy tail looking like a carpet dragging behind. A little way ahead it disappears over the side of the path and we lose sight of it. Barbara thinks it’s the closest she’s ever got one of these shy creatures. Behind us we can hear rockfalls as the ice and snow let go of the rocks it pried loose, held onto and then released. The field is covered in tiny alpine flowers of all colours and varieties.

On our way through the woods above Engelberg a deer darts away and disappears amongst the trees. And then we’re back in Engelberg. The kiosk at the station, where we had hoped to buy a cold drink is already closed. We decide to walk into the town centre hoping to find a shop or water fountain to fill our water bottles. We find a fountain. The water’s cold! and fresh. and natural. Perfect drink to end another great mountain day!

Flowers everywhere
Distant peaks
More peaks
Trübsee again…

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